Emergency Information

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We are always available to speak with you and address your concerns. Please feel free to contact us during the following hours through our office phone number or e-mail address. After hours, you may contact us through our answering service.


If you have an eye-related emergency, call our office immediately. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible. If your emergency is very serious, you should quickly proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room.

You can also reach us after office hours. If you have an urgent problem after hours, please call our office at (918) 749-6461. Our answering service will page Dr. Schwartz. In the unlikely event that no one answers the telephone, please call the answering service directly at (918) 744-3732. If Dr. Schwartz is unavailable, you will be directed to the physician covering emergency care.


If you receive a cut on or near your eye, bandage the eye lightly, then immediately seek medical attention. Do not attempt to wash out the eye or to remove objects that may be stuck in the eye or eyelid. Avoid applying pressure to the injured eye.

Foreign Objects

If you get something caught in your eye, pull the upper lid down over the lashes of the lower lid and blink a few times. This action allows the eye to wash itself out.

Eye Injury Prevention

Ophthalmologists regularly see young patients and recreational athletes with eye injuries caused by sports. Ninety percent of these eye injuries are preventable with proper eye protection. Eye safety goggles especially designed for sports such as baseball, hockey or racquetball should be worn when participating in these sports.

Backyard Safety

Stones, twigs, and other debris become dangerous projectiles after shooting out of the blades of a lawnmower and can injure eyes, including those of innocent bystanders. Before using a lawnmower, power trimmer or hedger, be sure to check for rocks and stones. When using pesticides around the yard, always point the spray-can nozzle away from your face.

Safety at Home

Many household chemicals, such as cleaning fluids, detergents and ammonia, are extremely hazardous and can burn the eye's delicate tissues. The majority of eye injuries are preventable using safety precautions.

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